Editorial: A thank-you from The Volante Staff
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Editorial: A thank-you from The Volante Staff

We made it. This long, strange semester is about to come to a close.

As you all begin to prepare for finals, pack your bags and head home for the well-deserved holiday break, The Volante staff would like to say one thing —thank you.

It’s no secret that this semester was more difficult than others. Between adjusting to new schedules, juggling course work, all while trying to have fun and stay safe, this semester was a whirlwind of stress, to say the least. But through it all, you, the student body, the USD community, picked up The Volante each week.

Going into the fall semester, there were lots of question marks. Last spring, when classes were moved online, The Volante moved online as well. Though we still managed to put out an online paper every week until May, it was nowhere near the same as actually being in the newsroom and having the printed edition.

We are so thankful we had the opportunity to produce and distribute a printed issue of The Volante every week this semester. And we are even more thankful for the support we have from the USD community. Without you, there’s no one to read the paper.

We are also thankful for the students, professors and community members that were willing to be a part of our stories. While reporting isn’t the same as it used to be, it still means the world to us that you took the time out of your busy schedules to contribute to each and every article in the paper. Now more than ever, your voice matters. 

For some of those on staff, this was the last semester being a part of the Volante. No more late nights in the newsroom, no more turning in stories at the last minute and no more awkward Zoom interviews. 

Although the members of the Volante staff will change as the years go by, one thing remains true — we are the student’s voice. Thank you for letting us be your voice and thank you for being there to pick us up every Wednesday.

See you next semester, Yotes.