Is Joe Biden trying to lock us down again?
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Is Joe Biden trying to lock us down again?

With coronavirus spiking again, President-Elect Joe Biden’s political statement was to lock down the United States in order to decrease COVID-19 cases and try to eliminate this virus. 

With this sounding like a challenging process, recent reports are saying there will be no lockdown as of now.  Biden wants to decrease the huge coronavirus curb but does not want to commit to having a fully shut down on the country. 

Hospital beds are filling up around the country and causing a major crisis for people who need medical attention but cannot.  Biden states that this is a problem depending on the state and the state governor should mandate masks more seriously.  

It was recorded recently that South Dakota is the only state that doesn’t order masks to be worn and has been causing a huge uproar on Governor Kristi Noem. Although the news is hard to believe sometimes Biden is avoiding questions about the shutdown and only talking about sensitive subjects.   

News can be bias and be full of fake ideas and concerns just to stir up our country a little. With this being probably our craziest year yet, the news is full of fake information. This being said, it is hard to believe what Biden says is true and making sure it is a reliable source. 

Being the president, tough decisions are made a lot and according to multiple news sources, they state that Biden is holding off on the shutdown to see how our economic environment handles the situation without a lockdown. 

With tough decisions trying to be made, a shutdown might not hurt to try just to try and reduce the number of cases.  With holidays coming around the corner, traveling will be at an all-time high this next month and we need to be aware of our health when going to places.