Importance of voting

Election years are historical and entertaining time, especially this year with COVID-19.  2020 has already started off crazy with events like Kobe Bryant and his daughter dying in a plane crash, riots, movements, political election and COVID-19.  Around all these events, the election still goes on with COVID-19 regulations.  Voting can make a major impact […]

2 mins read

The importance of pets

Pets can be important to the individual human because of the mental and physical pleasure they give.  Mentally they can boost your serotonin, lower stress and can provide entertainment.  Physically they can get you off the couch and be more active.  Pets are an important and fun decision to make if you are ready for […]

4 mins read

Are standardized tests actually a good measure of intelligence and ability?

Over the years, standardized testing has been a difficult subject throughout the schools.  Does it test your intelligence or your test taking skills?  This is the main question asked about these tests we are required to take throughout our educational lives.  These tests also pressures a lot of families and students how what they should do for […]

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