The importance of internships
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The importance of internships

Nobody really thinks internships can lead you anywhere, but from my perspective, they can be the start of a career.  

Internships can help create skills that were never a part of the learning process in college classes.  Not only are skills obtained during your future career. 

Creating new contacts within a business can help you go from being an intern to a manager for that business someday.  It is all about connections within to help get a career started one day.   

Whether an internship is paid or unpaid, the experience is what matters the most.  Depending on the internship, it can make your resume look more professional when getting ready to interview for a “big” job.  

Although there are unpaid internships, they can be very rewarding by showing the loyalty and motivation you have for the company.  Unpaid internships can eventually lead to paid hourly or salary jobs in the future.   

Nowadays most internships are paid which is a plus in income and being apart of an opportunity not everyone can get their hands on.  Not only will it look good on a resume, but it can help with interviews and displaying the tasks or projects can help the employer get a better idea of what certain experience was obtained at this internship.  

Overall, internships can be the start of your career and can lead to big opportunities one day.