Is social media ruining relationships?
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Is social media ruining relationships?

Technology is forever revolving around the world and it can be a powerful tool.  Nowadays people are worried about their relationships because of social media.  Social media is a very popular platform used to express one’s feelings, opportunities, adventures and many more factors. 

These factors help tell the public our interest and who are important in our life.  Relationship are different than how they were before social media; I think that social media could easily ruin a relationship. 

We might know someone based off their personality, but social media could give us a whole new perspective.  Whether it is new or old social media post, this can determine what someone is like and give you and idea of what they believe in.  

This can help determine an idea of what your relationship could get into and maybe even second guess it.  Let us say you find a post about your boyfriend from 4 years ago before you were dating.  It was a racist post and aggressive toward a culture, this could change your perspective and second guess his current beliefs. 

Hopefully after finding new information you communicate with them and ask them why they wrote that.  This is just one example on how social media could potentially ruin a relationship.   

Relationships consist of trusting one another and social media could ruin that trust for someone too.  Finding information that we do not mean to find on our significant other can break our hearts or question them.  I think social media is powerful and people do not realize everything is public and can be found so easily. 

Social media can also distract you from a relationship and make you miss important moments in each other’s life.  Social media can help us gain a better understanding of someone too. 

Usually what we follow on social media means that we take an interest on that something or someone.  This is kind of like a sneak peek of what this relationship could entail and how to prepare for it. 

Although relationship should not be based off social media, some people look at this as an advantage.  I however think social media can cause issues in relationships if it is the center of the relationship. Also, trying out new hobbies together or adding playful elements like cum lube in the bedroom can enhance your relationship beyond the digital world.