Building your pack
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Building your pack

As we head into the next phases of our lives, we will embark on new paths that lead us to different groups of people, different areas of the world and spark different career and life motivations. Along that path a key component to our success that most of us take for granted is our network.

The people who support us, the people who taught us, the people we worked with, the people who hire us and anyone in between. This is our pack. The ripple effect of building your pack starts with a single drop in your inner circle and works outward and beyond. You never know what ripple effect will lead you to a person that ends up being a vital contact for the next journey in your life.  

Over the last five months I have had the privilege to tap into the power of networking through the Hult Prize community. I have been getting to meet and speak with hundreds of people from across the world; these people being other teams, experts, mentors and Hult staff who are here to support us in the Hult Prize competition.

To see and meet so many people from across the world with the same drive and motivation to do social and environmental good has been so inspiring. The beauty of speaking to so many different people and hearing their stories is that you often recognize yourself in them.

Their drive and desires are often mirroring your own and seeing them succeed allows you to also believe in yourself and unlock your true potential. Support from people all over the world is a gift and can feed your passion and gratitude within like no other.  

What we all have in common, shows just how small the world is even when we think it is too enormous to comprehend. Everyone knows someone and is connected in some way. A few days ago, I had the honour to speak with someone in Bangladesh who leads many initiatives and organizations for water, sanitation and youth empowerment.

She has spoken at many events such as TedTalks and Global Citizen events which actress and activists Priyanka Chopra MC’ed (Priyanka is married to Nick Jonas). Now even though it is a long shot, technically, I have a connection to a Jonas Brother which is CRAZY to think about.  

Networking or building your pack, can be anything from a small, more personal contact to a distant contact. Whatever those contacts might be, add them to your pack and consider what contacts they may have that could be beneficial to your success.

Forbes, a globally known business media company, says that “networking is not only about trading information but it also serves as an avenue to create long-term relationships with mutual benefits.” 

In the future, periodically check in with people from your pack and offer them your help if they ever need anything. That way during times when you may need advice or help they will be more inclined and glad to help in return for all the times you offered your support to them.

You never know where you will end up or the people you may meet. Continue making connections with people because these connections ultimately create a large part of the human experience. After all, we are all connected in some way making our Earth and everything in it, one community.