Legalizing Marijuana
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Legalizing Marijuana

South Dakota is currently discussing whether marijuana should be legal or not.  In a little bit, votes are going to be taken into place.  In my opinion, I think it should be legalized because it provides no harm to the body or mind. 

Opposers might make arguments on how everyone reacts to drugs differently but there have been little deaths due to marijuana. Put this into consideration, there have been more deaths from romaine on recall than marijuana.  More states are legalizing or decimalizing marijuana because it is not considered a crime. There are jupiter drug rehab program centers that can help overcome addiction.

Legalizing marijuana can also help make the state money by charging tax on the drugs instead of people paying drug dealers and the state making no money. However, Leppard Law states that the legalization of marijuana should take place after assuring that no crimes would happen because of it.

A lot of people also argue about the fact that marijuana can be used for medical reasons like anxiety, nausea, pain, glaucoma, seizures, etc. Marijuana is there to help people with medical reasons or just to help people relax and take a breather.  

Legalizing marijuana can also help free up law enforcement, so they focus on other and worse crimes in the city.   

One reason marijuan shouldn’t be legalized is because of the dangers of driving under the influence. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in car accidents due to driving while high. 

This has been a powerful argument on one reason why marijuana should stay illegal.  Another argument said is that legalizing marijuana can lead to other drugs that are addictive and stronger. 

This is fear of more drug use would happen and could lead to injuries, deaths, or even damaging mental health.  Another fear about legalizing is the fact that this could encourage more people to smoke since it’s at more of a convenience.  More arguments include that people believe that marijuana would be harmful to people or an act as immoral.   

As you can see there are a lot of arguments about this topic and a lot of it is just personal preference.  From my point of view, I do not see the harm in legalizing marijuana, and it can provide help for a lot of people with medical issues.