Are standardized tests actually a good measure of intelligence and ability?
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Are standardized tests actually a good measure of intelligence and ability?

Over the years, standardized testing has been a difficult subject throughout the schools.  Does it test your intelligence or your test taking skills? 

This is the main question asked about these tests we are required to take throughout our educational lives.  These tests also pressures a lot of families and students how what they should do for the future based on what subject they did well on.   

For me, I have always been a bad test taker, I get anxiety and second guess myself a lot.  I think standardized tests are just a way of showing test taking skills. 

I don’t remember if I actually learned anything from them or if they helped me in the long run, for me it was a lot of pressure taking these tests.  The middle and high school I went to were very supportive of this test and helped their students as much as they could. 

They would give us snacks and breaks before and after the test.  It is such a nervous situation to be in because obviously, we all wanted to do well on the test, but the school faculty also wanted to do well so they pushed their students. 

I think they did this because the school with the highest test scores in the state would receive a gift or money for it.  So, I think this side of the argument is right by it being about test-taking abilities and it does not show true knowledge to me. 

The other argument is it does benefit your intelligence and show it.  I think test to a good job covering main objectives and points about a certain topic.  But is it about learning it or memorizing it? 

People have great memories and is a main reason they pass in classes.  They remember the study guide with the same answers as the test.  Standardized testing shows what subjects were our strengths and weaknesses to help us in the future on what we should focus on. 

I think standardized tests help show our education level and what we know but I do not think it’s the right way to see our actual intelligence.