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Inaugural year of USD’s college of fine arts: hall of fame

The College of Fine Arts was founded in 1931 and prepares students for their future within the arts, and is now opening a Hall of Fame.

2021 will be the inaugural year of the College of Fine Arts Hall of Fame. It is the hope of the Fine Arts to establish the Hall of Fame as a lasting tradition to dedicate to educators, friends and alumni that have helped and been a part of the Arts.

Outstanding Fine Arts Educator, Outstanding Friend of the Fine Arts and Outstanding Alumnus are the different awards within the Hall of Fame. Each have different qualifications that need to be met to be qualified for nominations.

The committee to decide an honoree will be made up of similar peer groups as nominees; alumni, friends of the fine arts and USD administration will decide receives the honor.

“Over the past 90 years we have graduated amazing alumni who have gone to great success as educators and professionals,” Bruce Kelley said in an email interview with The Volante. “We have also had amazing friends of the Fine Arts who have stepped up time and again to provide significant contributions in terms of time, talents, and resources. It is time to recognize these people,”

Kelley also mentioned that many educators, alumni, and friends are very deserving of this award; and that it is time to recognize them for what they have done for the department.

An example of such an impactful person is Oscar Howe, a late professor of USD. He earned many awards and honors during his career.

“(Howe) was arguably the most prominent faculty member to have served in the Fine Arts,” Kelley said.

To show their accomplishments, honorees will be given a plaque at a reception honoring them. They will also have a description of what they have accomplished prominently displayed within the Lee Center for Fine Arts.

The members of the Hall of Fame will also have a name plate on the College of Fine Arts Hall of Fame Honor Wall.

Nominations can be offered by anyone and the form to do so is in the Fine Arts Section of USD’s website. The nomination submissions will be due March 1 each year.