The end of cursive
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The end of cursive

In fourth grade my class spent a week trying to learn how to write the alphabet in cursive. We would have a workbook and trace the letters, then do it on our own. After the week, I kind of forgot about it. But it has helped in certain situations.

I don’t write in cursive; I actually don’t write things on paper a lot anymore. But I think it’s beneficial for students to still learn how to read and write in cursive.

Many of the people who write in cursive are older and probably grandparents. When I was younger, I would get letters from my grandma and couldn’t understand what they said. I would need my parents to read it to me. Now, I still have trouble making out certain words (mainly because of the awful handwriting they have) but I can read what was written.

Cursive has many benefits, but I don’t think students need to be proficient at writing in cursive. It’s a good idea for them to be introduced to the writing style.

There are a few reasons why learning cursive is a good idea.

The first is you can read what was written in a letter. When your grandparents send you birthday cards, you can read what’s written.

Letters aren’t the only thing you can read if you understand cursive. A lot of historical documents written in the past are in cursive.
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If people know cursive, they can read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Yes, these are all online somewhere typed up, but I like the idea that I can read our nation’s history for myself.

Cursive is also good because you can learn to write and read signatures. Legal documents require you to print your name and then sign. Cursive helps to teach you how to create and form your signature.

Cursive can also help children with brain development. An article from the New York Times said, “cursive writing prepares students’ brains for reading and enhances their writing fluency and composition.” Writing in cursive helps to further students’ understanding of the English language.

I don’t think writing proficiently in cursive should be mandatory in schools anymore. But I do think students should be introduced so they have the option to learn more.