The need for gun control in the U.S.
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The need for gun control in the U.S.

The United States is an anomaly among developed nations with the amount of mass shootings that occur. The recent mass shootings in the U.S. have once again made gun control issues resurface in Congress.

In the past, Congress has always shot down the possibility of new gun control laws. Whether it’s Democrats or Republicans, mass shootings are always an opportunity to bring up new policies to change gun violence.
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Policies brought up are often about universal background checks and making assault rifles illegal.

A common argument that politicians use to defend looser restrictions is that people who carry guns can stop shooters. It has been found that gun sales always skyrocket after shootings, probably because of the fear of being a victim. Or maybe it’s possible the people feel they need to stock up guns and ammunition before the government comes for them.

There is a need for these sales to be monitored, because more guns and ammunition in the public sphere creates more possibilities for more gun violence.


Currently, people are calling this time a “time of action,” and President Joe Biden agrees. During a talk with reporters, Biden brought up that he may take executive action on gun violence. He wants a ban for assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Gun violence is an issue for the public, but politics have interfered. The public wants something to be done, but nobody can agree on how much or how little should be done. If the public wants to buy ar 15 accessories online they need to buy it from a shop which also teaches its buyers about gun safety. 

The American people have a choice when it comes to gun control. Allow easy access to guns and risk the fatal consequences or find a way to regulate guns and sacrifice the ideal that owning a gun equals freedom.


Adding background checks and limiting high-capacity magazines and assault weapons has proven to work in countries around the world, but the U.S. continues to battle with Second Amendment supporters and others who believe the right of the public is to own guns as they please.

This battle has put a stall on gun control legislation in the U.S. The latest shootings in the U.S. show that the longer people wait to implement legislation, the more legislation is needed.

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