CAB hosts first concert since 2019
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CAB hosts first concert since 2019

After a year without concerts at USD, musical artist Waka Flocka Flame burst onto the scene at the Sanford Coyotes Sports Center stage on Sunday night.

The event was a revival of the Campus Activity Board’s annual fall concert, the first since the Plain White T’s performed in 2019. 

Kate Solberg, president of CAB, said she found the concert exciting. She said she could almost see a new sense of normal, though she also found it strange that the concert was taking place despite the fact the pandemic isn’t over.

“You could tell other students were excited as well,” Solberg said. “And it was also a little bizarre because I had one moment where I was like, is this really what we’re supposed to be doing… are we really supposed to be here? Like, the pandemic isn’t actually gone… I definitely had one of those moments, but I think the excitement took over everything else.” 

CAB sold over 1800 tickets for the event, which Solberg said was the most ever sold in her four years on campus, exceeding totals for the Vince Staples and Plain White T’s concerts.

Solberg said she thinks the concert’s high attendance is due to several possible factors, including the popularity of Waka Flocka Flame and the timing of the concert with regard to the academic semester. 

“I can’t speak for all of CAB; I can speak for myself and some of the organization, and from the students I’ve talked to with on CAB, they thought it was a really good concert,” Solberg said.

Even with the possibility of COVID-19 safety measures being reinstated, Solberg said CAB will continue to put on events throughout the year, and advises students to keep their eyes out for more programming.