Coffee with USD Veterans promotes SVRC
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Coffee with USD Veterans promotes SVRC

In order to honor this coming Veterans Day, the Student Veterans Resource Center (SVRC) hosted an event, Coffee with Veterans, where students could get coffee and donuts and talk with USD veterans.

Jacob Aus is the SVRC coordinator and helped plan the event.

“The importance of this event is to get people in the USD community to ask questions and talk to the best and learn about their service,” Aus said. “I think it’s important for this event for me to be here and help guide some of these conversations so that (students) can actually learn your story.”

Aus said there are around 200 USD veterans and that it’s important to support veterans and student veterans.

“The Veterans’ Center helps with free tutoring, free counseling services and free printing. It’s a lounge area over in the (North Complex) commons,” Aus said. 

Jack Daustin, USD graduate student in the public administration department, has been in the military for six years. Daustin helped serve coffee at the event.

“This is just a good opportunity for the student body here at USD to really see that there are veterans on campus. I think this provides an opportunity for students to possibly talk about their experiences and what they think about sort of things that relate to things around the military,” Anthony Turjillo, USD student veteran, said. 

A Veterans Day banquet is taking place at the Eagles Club Wednesday night from 6 to 8 p.m.

“The Veterans Day banquet is a great event. It’s a community event. It’s an opportunity for the Veterans Club to get back to the community and provide to the veterans of that community. So it’s not just USD veterans out the event. It’s actually majority community members that have been going on for about six years,” Aus said. 

The banquet is open to everyone, Aus said. Thursday will also feature other community events honoring veterans.

“These kinds of events promote the wellbeing of veterans and give them some people to talk to and hear their story. Everybody has a different story,” Daustin said.