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SGA hears student organization reports, funds MSA

During Student Government Association’s weekly meeting, SGA passed Senate Bill 70 as emergency legislation and discussed Senate Bill 69. SGA heard reports from Tiospaye and First-Generation Student Organization (FGSO).

Senate Bill 70 appropriated funds for the Medical Student Association (MSA). MSA originally requested $1,300 and the budget was amended to $700.

Logan Johnson, the Director of Finance for SGA, said the budget is usually significantly higher.

“This organization getting $700 is actually strikingly low compared to what (MSA) usually gets,” Johnson said. “I think the last budget (MSA) had was about $7,000 and was 80% utilized.”

SGA passed Senate Bill 70 as emergency legislation so MSA would have funding for an upcoming event.

Senate Bill 69 appropriated funding for Film International Enthusiast Relations (FIER). The bill appropriates a total of $250 to the organization. The bill was briefly discussed before being sent back to committee.

Senator Rachel Overstreet, the president of Tiospaye spoke about the organization. Overstreet said Tiospaye was planning to do activities throughout the month of November, which is designated Native American Heritage Month.

“Yesterday as I hope you saw, we set up the tepee on the (Munster University Center) west lawn and I want to thank everyone that came out,” Overstreet said. “Our first big event (…) will be this Friday from noon to 2:00 PM in the MUC pit. We are so honored to have the USD Drum Group, which is a brand new organization on campus performing so that is going to be incredible.”

Carter Linke, SGA senator and president of FGSO, said the organization has started planning events now that FGSO has been appropriated a budget by SGA.

“On Monday next week, we’ll be starting our First Generation College Student Week,” Linke said

FGSO activities will include partnering with Charlie’s Cupboard, hosting a seminar event with faculty and other events throughout the week.