SGA prepares for SHED
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SGA prepares for SHED

USD’s Student Government Association (SGA) discussed Senate Bill 76, passed three new Senate Resolutions as emergency legislation, and passed Senate Bill 73, 74, and 75.

On Tuesday, Katie Brust, Vice President of SGA, introduced Senate Resolution 19, 20, and 21 in preparation for SGA’s trip to Pierre for the Students in Higher Education Days (SHED).

Senate Resolution 19 is a resolution in support of Senate Bill (SB) 72, of the South Dakota State Legislature. SB 72 is to establish the crime of hazing and to provide a penalty therefore. The bill passed as emergency legislation with a majority.

Senate Resolution 20 is a resolution advocating for the Board of Regents (BOR) to alter policy 6.14 to permit alcohol. SGA will support the alteration of the policy to allow USD to decide to sell alcohol to those of age in official entertainment events.

“I believe that our University, if this would pass at the large Board of Regents meeting, would implement the proper safeguards like certified bartenders, where they know when to stop serving and when to see the signs of over intoxication,” Caleb Weiland, the Chair of Government Affairs said.

Brust said when she talked to the University Police Department (UPD) about this, they said they would be willing and able to take this on. The bill passed as emergency legislation with a majority.

Brust also introduced Senate Resolution 21, which is a resolution in support of Senate Bill 96, of the South Dakota State Legislature.

SB 96 makes an appropriation to the BOR to renovate the Churchill-Haines laboratories. During the discussion of the bill, most of senate agreed this was long overdue.

Senate Bill 77 was brought back for the second reading. After last week’s meeting, the Volleyball Club added the additional cost they would need for travel and lodging.

The Finance Committee reviewed the request and was able to increase the clubs funding, but had to cut their food expenses and slightly cut their travel expenses due to budget restraints. However, their operational budget is being used to cover the hotel cost and their conference registration fee.

The senate agreed to pass the bill as an emergency legislation. The bill passed unanimously.

This past week, the Internal Review Committee reviewed Senate Bills 73, 74, and 75 and made changes to the language of the bills. The bills had their third and final readings at tonight’s meeting. After brief discussion all three passed unanimously.

Senate Bill 76 had its second reading. This bill is to create and maintain a SGA Transition Binder. During this reading, senate gave more feedback on what they thought about the binder.

This bill was sent to Internal Review and will be back next week for the final reading.

To hear the full discussions on each resolution and bill watch the livestream on SGA’s Facebook page.