Around the World with International Club

The International Club holds Around the World Wednesdays where different countries are presented to students and staff. On Jan. 26, the countries that were being presented were all from South Asia. Daphne Navarro, the marketing director for the International Club, said it’s important to learn about other cultures. “It’s important to share culture,” Navarro said. […]

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Staff shortages and less hours throughout Vermillion

With COVID-19 cases rising, more people and places are trying to adapt. A common concern for the city of Vermillion is staff shortages amongst businesses. Nate Welch, the president and CEO of the Vermillion Area Chamber and Development Company (VCDC), said he notices this common occurrence throughout Vermillion. “We have seen a workforce shortage in […]

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Legislation poses threat to transgender athletes in South Dakota

The South Dakota State Legislature is facing two bills which would eliminate the ability of transgender women athletes to play college sports in South Dakota Board of Regent (SDBOR) institutions. Senate Bill (SB) 46, “An Act to protect fairness in women’s sports,” and House Bill (HB) 1006, “An Act to promote continued fairness in women’s […]

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Political Science League brings lectures to life in recent panel

For the purpose of fostering political discussions while also pondering different prompts, the Political Science League (PSL) put professors to the test in their most recent event at USD. Held on Jan. 26, PSL hosted the USD Political Science Department Panel: Rebuilding the Government. Inspired by last year’s Honors Program event featuring faculty members stuck […]

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Charlie’s cupboard is open and with some new updates coming

As a new semester begins at USD, Charlie’s Cupboard opened up. Charlie’s Cupboard which began back in 2020, is a way to provide students with food outside of their meal plan and for students who stay at USD during Thanksgiving, winter, spring and summer breaks. Charlie’s Cupboard provides non-perishable food and personal hygiene products to […]

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Oscar Howe Exhibition explores Native American contemporary artwork

The Oscar Howe Curatorial Fellowship Exhibition was on Jan. 26 and showcases Howe’s artwork and his dedication to his legacy. Howe was a Yanktonai Dakota artist from South Dakota who was known for his contemporary depictions of Native Americans.   The Fellowship is a grant funded program that is a part of their contemporary Native […]

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House Bill 1012 to protect students from critical race theory

House Bill (HB) 1012 “An Act to protect students from critical race theory” was introduced Jan. 5 by The Committee on Education at the request of the Office of the Governor. HB 1012 states institutions of higher education cannot compel a student to personally affirm, adopt or adhere to believing any race, color, religion, sex, […]

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Legislature divided on trans rights, governor defends Opportunity Center

On Jan. 27 the state capitol held press conferences and multiple house and senate sessions to wrap up their third week. Reporters asked multiple questions about similar topics between the Democrats, Republicans and Gov. Kristi Noem.   Democrat Sens., Troy Heinert and Jamie Smith, discussed Senate Bill 46 which would not allow transgender women to […]

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