CAB hosts “Cash Cab” themed event in MUC
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CAB hosts “Cash Cab” themed event in MUC

USD’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted a Cash CAB trivia event on Jan. 27. The event lasted from 5-7 p.m. in the MUC pit.

Students could win prizes by answering trivia such as this question from the movie category: “Tired of ‘kicking off his Sunday shoes’ Kevin Bacon admitted to paying wedding DJs to not play what song from his 1984 film of the same name?” The options were: “Wild Things,” “Picture Perfect” and “Footloose.”

Answering “Footloose” to this question would give students a chance at winning one of the prizes, ranging from a winter beanie to a weather alert radio.

Inspired by the game show of the same name, the Cash CAB was an opportunity for students to test their knowledge and get rewarded for it.

Senior Josh Weisbrod is a member of the CAB board and oversees member engagement.

“This was the first time we’ve done Cash CAB. We were looking to do some programming and there was just kind of a catchy name based on the TV show, so we thought we’d run with it,” Weisbrod said.

Students were asked trivia questions by CAB members and had a set timeframe to respond. Keeping true to the original TV show, students could ask their friends for help if stumped over a question.

Weisbrod said this was the first trivia event held this semester by CAB, and it saw a steady stream of students answering questions throughout the evening.

The CAB Facebook page said the organization works to bring entertainment events throughout the school year to campus. Students interested in joining CAB are encouraged to join one of the three CAB info sessions being held over Zoom on Feb. 2, Feb. 6 and Feb. 10.

“We have an event coming up for Valentine’s Day which is Stuff-a-Buddy, two Fridays from now (Feb. 11),” Weisbrod said.

The Stuff-a-Buddy is CAB’s first event in February and will be held in the MUC Pit from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.