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CAB aims to bring energy to campus through Stuff-a-Buddy event

On Feb. 11 USD’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted the Stuff-a-Buddy event in the MUC pit with 150 students in attendance. 

Kate Solberg, the president of CAB, said they felt it would be a good way to spruce up the spring semester and bring some energy. Solberg said the number of stuffed animals increases every time and she always enjoys seeing the excitement of the participants when they pick out their animals.

“It’s always fun to see the excitement and the animal choices or options that are available and increasing every single time we order new ones,” Solberg said.  “It’s always fun to see what is available and which ones that we think are going to go well versus the ones that actually do go well.”

Jack Richards, the graduate assistant for CAB, said that with midterms coming up it is a good stress reliever for a lot of students and it is a way for people to know about CAB. 

“It’s just to have a little bit of fun and you get to keep the stuffed animal and it’s a good time for everyone,” Richards said. “Out of all the events that CAB has done besides the concert, this probably gets the most traction and is really helpful for all the students and they always seem to enjoy it.” 

Solberg said she enjoys seeing so many people together and their pure happiness. Solberg said some people use the stuffed animals for their pets or to sleep with them at night. 

“I think it just brings so many people so much happiness, and it’s kind of a silly thing, college kids and stuffed animals, but I don’t know, maybe it’s nostalgia. It’s kind of like the Build-A-Bear experience but with USD,” Solberg said. “I know people who use them for their dogs and I have some friends who sleep with them every night. It’s like we’re children at heart, who might as well kind of feed into that.”

CAB plans to host an event called Crafting with CAB on Feb. 24 and a collaboration with Charlie’s Cupboard in March. They will also hand out midterm survival kits on the Wednesday before spring break.