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How thrifting can combat the climate crisis

 The climate crisis is an ever-expanding topic of discussion around the globe, and more companies than ever are, at the very least, looking into making crucial changes that will result in positive change. There are multiple industries, however, that will never be sustainable without making drastic alterations in their production processes. The top industries being the energy, transportation, agriculture and fast fashion industries. Obviously, energy, transportation and farming in general have all been necessary for overall quality of life and convenience. 

Eventually, those three categories should find a way to create sustainability within their areas. Where the fast fashion industry is concerned, however, there are a few reasons that it should remain relevant if the planet is trying to move towards a greener future. 

As college students, there are multiple ways that we can pursue an earth friendly wardrobe without breaking the budget. In fact, eliminating fast fashion from our lifestyle is, overall, much more affordable than the alternative.  

At USD, students have started to take their own measures to combat the fast fashion industry. For example, the Facebook group USD Girl’s Swap has encouraged female students on campus to have others give their forgotten clothes a second chance rather than throwing them away.  

In addition, USD alum Brigit Blote, Payton Ryz and Ashlynn Atwood won the Hult Prize last year for their new company idea, Fomeno. Fomeno is an app/online shopping experience that is meant to make the thrifting experience easier and more accessible. Blote, the CEO and founder of the company, has proven that thrifting is more than just an ethical option. It is an enjoyable experience that allows you to reflect on the importance of caring for your clothing.  

The climate crisis is a scary and very real issue that our generation will have to deal with in the near future. As college students, it can be hard to pursue sustainable lifestyles in affordable ways. By taking this small step, and choosing the local Goodwill over the mall, we can take this vital step in the right direction.