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Editorial: Whatever you do over break, make sure to relax

In the past two years, it’s safe to say life hasn’t been normal. This spring semester is no different. Despite the snow still on campus, spring is almost here and with that comes spring break.

A week off of no assignments. A week of no repercussions for staying up all night. A week of sleeping however late you want. 

Students are drained and professors probably are, too. While the semester seems to trickle by and is wearing us all out, it is important to take time to enjoy ourselves.

This week-long break allows for mental decompression. Students don’t always receive the credit they should when it comes to all of their responsibilities. Constant worry over academics, social lives, extracurricular activities and jobs puts a lot of strain on a person. It is vital to take a break from chaotic school schedules.

Spring break is often idealized as a week of nonstop fun and travel, but the important thing is to disconnect from school. Spring break should provide relief and relaxation. 

Meet up with friends from high school, have a movie marathon or sit around and do nothing. It doesn’t matter what you do because there is a whole week of no classes or assignments.

With midterms coming to a close this week, there shouldn’t be too many assignments to take home or on trips. Of course, students can always use this week to catch up on missing assignments or reading the next section for class, but it is up to them. A week of doing what you want to do, not what you need to complete.

The pandemic and constant fear of the unknown are anxiety-provoking. Give yourself the time to really unplug and take a break. Relax and enjoy the week off before it’s back to seemingly endless discussion posts, essays and tests.

Grades and assignments are important to education, but it is just as important to look after yourself. Take the time during spring break to relax and enjoy a little bit of time for yourself.