USD dance team prepares next generation of collegiate dancers
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USD dance team prepares next generation of collegiate dancers

Last Sunday, the USD dance team welcomed some new faces to campus and taught them some dance moves. The team held a dance clinic where high school students would have the opportunity to learn and practice a new dance for their upcoming tryouts. 

Head coach Emily Chiarello said these clinics give an insight into what it’s like to be a part of a college dance team. 

“The purpose of our dance clinics is to allow high school-aged athletes, that are interested in joining a collegiate dance team, a look into what it is like to be a college dancer,” Chiarello said. 

Freshman USD dancer Brooklyn Kahle said these clinics are a great way to start learning new and helpful things that will make being a collegiate dancer easier.

“They learn skills and routines that will be used at tryouts,” Kahle said. “They get a great head start.”  

Even though most of the clinic is prep for tryouts, there are also other opportunities that come with attending these clinics. 

“It’s a good way to meet the current members of the team,” Chiarello said. “So we can start to kind of build those friendships and those connections.” 

Kahle said dancers get the chance to become more confident and meet the current members of the team.

“It puts their name out there so they can walk into tryouts with more confidence,” Kahle said.  

Looking toward the future, with the encouragement from these clinics, Chiarello said she has high hopes for the USD dance team this next year. 

“We are really looking to figure out what the team’s overall strengths are,” Chiarello said. “We want to build our program and the rest of the year goes from there.”

Kahle said not only do these clinics prepare dancers technique wise, but also in their courage. 

“Be confident,” Kahle said. “It’s easy to get in your head when you’re around so many other dancers, but just focus on yourself and what you can do.”

The USD dance team will hold another clinic at the Sanford Coyotes Sports Center on March 27 at 9 a.m. and dance team tryouts are April 8. 

“Really anyone who wants an opportunity to learn about collegiate dance can attend,” Chiarello said. “Sign up for it and we’ll be more than happy to have you there.”