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Uniform Standards to be Implemented to SGA Application Process

Tuesday’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting was all about the discussion. Senators shared their thoughts and concerns on old and new business matters, and how campus could be impacted by different ideas. 

Senate Bill (SB) 83 “Korean Student Association Special Appropriation” was seen for its second reading. Bill sponsor senator Katie Conzet said the finance committee reviewed last week’s discussion on the bill and looks to approve the request to fully fund the Korean Student Association’s food budget request of $220. Conzet noted a food exemption will be needed as it violates the 20 percent food budget.

The first new business matter of the evening was Senate Resolution 12 “A Resolution Commemorating the Grand Opening of the Health Sciences Building.” The resolution passed as an emergency legislation and congratulated the School of Health Sciences on the completion of construction and grand opening of the new health sciences building this year. 

“The healthcare field is always growing and always changing and the health science program at our university continues to grow and change. This facility offers a dynamic place for this education to happen and help students be the most successful they can be,” bill sponsor senator Ellen Mallory said. 

SB 84 “At-Large Process Act of 2022” was introduced by senator Caleb Swanson. The bill would enforce clear, uniform standards for future SGA applications in order for the selection process to be fair and unbiased. 

“This is to codify the process and make clear this is how the process is to go,” Swanson said. 

Swanson also said he wants to see student leaders from outside of the SGA community involved with the Senate election process. This would enforce the practice of applicants being evaluated under equal standards. Senator Ryan Conover expressed concerns of how not having anyone on the interview panel from SGA could make it difficult for interviewers to seek out a strong candidate. 

President Caleb Weiland backed Swanson’s bill and said encouraging new perspectives are important to continue to build SGA and teach newcomers about student government. 

“Our institution isn’t the most popular on campus,” Weiland said. “I think Senator Swanson and the Internal Relations (IR) Committee are on the right path on this one. I think that having people outside of our institution makes our institution healthier.”

The bill will be seen next week for its second reading. 

SGA will meet next week in the Freedom Forum at the Al Neuharth Media Center at 6:30 p.m. A livestream on Facebook is also available.