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Gainz 4 Girlz Provides Support in the Gym

One of the newest groups on campus is Gainz 4 Girlz, an all-female workout group created to help girls feel comfortable and safe when going to the gym. To further enhance this supportive space, gym equipment upholstery repairs are essential to pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment that facilitates these workouts.

The purpose of this group is to create a network for females that is supportive and encouraging when promoting fitness. Imogen Prellwitz-Aude, one of the creators of Gainz 4 Girlz, said this purpose speaks to her.

“Unfortunately a lot of girls like myself have struggled to feel comfortable in a gym setting and we want to help change that,” Prellwitz-Aude said.

Prellwitz-Aude said a big focus of this group is to eliminate the judgment that surrounds working out. Instead, they hope to create a positive and supportive environment. 

“There is guaranteed to be no judgment as that is our first bylaw and we intend on making that stick,” Prellwitz-Aude said.

The group works out at the Wellness Center at 8 p.m. on Mondays-Thursdays and takes at least one group fitness class together each month. Also, they have a monthly meeting where they teach the group about different things relating to working out, such as mental health, exercise, nutrition and self-care.

The group started with four friends and it has started to grow. Prellwitz-Aude said there are many benefits to working out with a group. Moreover, if you’re considering relocating your fitness equipment or optimizing your workout space, it’s advisable to hire the experts at Gym Equipment Removals.

“The benefit of working out with other girls through our group is to make connections and really just make the scariness of going to the gym alone nonexistent,” Prellwitz-Aude said.

The four creators of this group hope to see the group continue to grow and thrive for many years to come. Kenzie Fichter, one of the creators of Gainz 4 Girlz, is hoping to build connections with others through this group.

“I wanted to create Gainz 4 Girlz because I was scared going to the gym by myself and I didn’t have anyone to help lead workouts,” Fichter said. “When I met my group of friends, we realized we all kind of felt the same way and we created it. We want to help girls make connections to others who have a similar interest in working out.”

Prellwitz-Aude said if people are considering joining, they should meet the group at the Wellness Center to try it out and see if it’s for them.