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Noem Plans to Cut Sales Tax On Groceries

Kristi Noem won re-election for South Dakota Governor on Nov. 8. During her speech, Noem focused on her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, South Dakota’s economic growth and critiquing the Democratic Party and President Biden.

“The nation unfolding around us is Joe Biden’s America and it’s not the nation I want to leave to my kids or my grandkids,” Noem said. 

During her election victory speech, Noem said she wants to focus on cutting taxes during this term.

“Let’s cut the sales tax on groceries. The fact is we can afford to do it. Just this last week we learned that we brought in 80 million more in taxes this year than we had predicted,” Noem said.

Noem also said she wants to focus on more opportunities for paid family leave, child care workers and strengthening the South Dakota workforce.

There has been some question on whether Noem will try to run for president in 2024 considering her popularity nationwide. Noem did not address these specifically in her speech but did make references to staying in the governor’s office for the full term.