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USD Students Involved in Creating Centerville Mural

Last Friday, Nov. 11 at 4 p.m. a 120 foot by 20 foot mural done by USD students and the community on the side of Mushy’s Bowling Alley & Bar in Centerville was unveiled and dedicated.  The Centerville Development Corporation in connection with the South Dakota Arts Council sponsored the project that began last spring. 

Jared Hybertson was the project’s ambassador of community outreach, and last spring he led workshops in the community. The focus of those gatherings being to isolate the topic of the mural and the design factors in play.

Hybertson then invited Reyna Hernandez and Amber Hansen to the design team as the main artists overseeing the project. The mural was not an isolated project. In fact, several artists worked with Hernandez and Hansen to ensure that the mural was completed on schedule. Sonia Hernandez, a USD alum, and Jon Marohl acted as mural assistants, and Macey Hostetler and Brady Muller served as mural apprentices. 

In its finishing days, the mural was worked on by several USD art students and Centerville community members. The design team did research into the land that Centerville resides on, excerpts from Centerville’s Centennial Book and personal citizen stories to come up with a design. 

The mural can be viewed at 640 Broadway St, Centerville, SD.