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Sodexo to Roll Out Reimbursement to Students

Sodexo is reimbursing USD students in the upcoming week, in response to various issues regarding the program’s startup. 

During Tuesday’s SGA meeting, Dean of Students Kim Grieve explained in her advisor report about Sodexo’s plans to offer students a $25 reimbursement in Flex dollars on their Coyote Card. Those with any type of meal plan can expect to see the money appear in their account next week. 

Grieve said this comes from previous delays with the Sodexo roll out at the start of the semester. 

“It’s really about all of the vending machines and some other areas that didn’t open as soon, so [USD] worked with Sodexo to do this settlement for students,” Grieve said. 

Like normal Flex dollar protocols, any remaining balances after the end of the spring semester will be removed. 

Following Grieve’s report, the Senate revisited three old business matters.

First on the to-do list was Senate Bill (SB) 88 “USD Witches Club Special Appropriation.” Senator Ryan Conover moved to make an amendment to cut the organization’s operational budget from $350 to $250, due to concerns of it being too high. 

The Senate moved to vote on Conover’s approach with vice president Reagan Kolberg acting as the tie-breaker, implementing the new amendment. A roll call vote was then utilized to pass the bill. 

Also returning for its final reading was SB 90 “Coyote Career Closet Budget.” The finance committee reported minor changes to the bill’s structure, and the bill passed. 

SB 92 “Medical Students for Choice Special Appropriation” received its second reading with Sen. Katie Conzet reporting no changes. The bill will be seen next week for its final reading. 

Last in line for the night was new business matter SB 93 “Anime ‘Nd Incredible Manga Enthusiasts Special Appropriation.” 

The organization requested a $225 budget, with SGA willing to allocate $100. 

President Quinn Gienapp and member Dustin Johnson of the club said the money would be primarily used for snacks, advertising and events. 

“It’s really just a club about getting people who are interested in anime to come and hang out with people who are also interested,” Johnson said. 

The bill will be revisited next week for its second reading. 

SGA will meet next Tuesday in the Freedom Forum at 6:30 p.m. Viewers can also stream the meeting on Facebook live.