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The Superiority of Texting

Making a phone call can be stressful. It is difficult to know the best time to reach out to a person and if they don’t answer, there is always the question of if you should leave a message or try again later. Texting allows people an easier and more relaxed way to communicate with one another.

Texting a person or responding to a text is less time consuming for a person. People are more inclined to text because it allows them to answer when they are free. Not to mention texting lets people think about their responses. 

Texting allows for a more efficient way to communicate. Typing out a message doesn’t require your full attention whereas a call does. The freedom to communicate when you are free throughout a busy day is extremely beneficial. 

A phone call is an entirely separate task from anything else, but a round of text messages makes it easy to figure out plans. For people with inflexible schedules texting is easier because it does not require as much attention as a phone call.

Texting is also an easier way to communicate with a group of people. Figuring out a time to hang out is easy when a group text is created. Texting allows for everyone to be on the same page about places rather than having to call everyone to tell them the plan, only to have to create a new plan because another person can not make it. Group chats and texting make things a lot simpler.

If a person is in a busy or loud area with a lot of people, texting allows for a more private conversation. If you are stuck in public, a quick text about a private conversation is a lot better than a whispered secret phone call.

Texting is easier for introverts, shy people and those who are unnerved by the idea of talking in-person or over the phone. Typing out a message gives people the opportunity to say what they need without stumbling over words. 

Of course, there are times when calling someone is better. Obviously, it would be rude to send a text message to your grandmother saying “Happy Birthday.” There are certain situations that demand a phone call. However, texting is faster and easier than calling in most cases.