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Old Coyote Tradition Gets a 90s Makeover

Previously known as MUC Madness, Coyote Night is the revival of an old tradition with a new name. The 90s themed lock-in event will be Friday night from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Students can enjoy food, movies, video games, a caricature artist and laser tag throughout the night. 

Director of MUC and student programming Faith Guzzo said they are reviving it after MUC Madness fell off after the COVID-19 pandemic. She said this is a way the school is trying to bring back a tradition enjoyed prior to COVID-19.

“Essentially, the entire building is dedicated to the event and we’re going to have many kinds of events all throughout the MUC. There’ll be a lot of different things to do throughout the night, depending on what people are interested in. And then we’ll also have a few bigger events going on at the same time,” Guzzo said. 

Guzzo said everyone is welcome to attend and she thinks there will be something for all students throughout the night. Even if there’s one thing at a certain time students don’t want to participate in, Guzzo said there will be another two events happening at the same time for students to pick from. 

“We’re going to have laser tag and a blow up and we’re going to have a movie night so even if you don’t really want to come to participate in the more physical activities, maybe you just come and watch the movie, or come and see the hypnotist and we’re going to have a caricature artist, there’s going to be a lot of different activities going on,” Guzzo said. 

At this point in the semester, many students are experiencing burnout and Guzzo said while college is about getting an education, it is also about creating lifelong memories that are purely for students to have fun. 

“It’s not solely about just hearing someone speak or it’s not about just getting free food. It’s about kind of getting that sense of community, that sense of belonging and having, again, something for everyone to enjoy,” Guzzo said.