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Dorm Changes: A Common Problem

Thousands of students have occupied the rooms on campus and because of this, those spaces are subject to the occasional damage report. A total of 36 percent of USD’s student body resides within the four residential housing buildings on campus: McFadden Hall, North Complex, Coyote Village and Burgess/Norton Halls. 

Most residents of these halls are in their first or second year out of high school in accordance with SDBOR policy. While living on campus has become a big part of the walkable-life the college experience is known for, it has also introduced new adults to new questions, specifically what to do if something is broken.

In an email interview with The Volante, Travis Hill and Catherine Smith of University Housing staff said, “residents can report pre-existing damages for their room when they first move in. Residents receive a check in email that they will need to complete within 48 hours upon their check in to identify any room concerns.”

The information gathered from students after Move-In Day is then transferred as work-orders for Facilities Management and Custodial, who work with the Housing Department to ensure that all concerns are repaired. 

Due to various summer camps and classes, the four residential buildings are not fully abandoned during the summer months and therefore potential for existing damages upon a students’ fall arrival is possible. 

To try and diminish the amount of damages seen on Move-In Day, there is a Residence Hall Director and Administrative Assistant in each building that are responsible for receiving and relaying damage reports. Then before vacating a room, students must also complete a checkout appointment with their assigned resident assistant to evaluate the condition of the room and ensure that any new damages are reported and paid for. 

“If they do not agree to any of the damages that they are being charged with, then they have 15 days to appeal their charges to the Director of Housing,” the University Housing Staff said. 

Housing reports damages to Facilities Management which is the department responsible for repairs. The Housing Staff did not comment on how students could be assured that repairs would occur in a timely manner or how repairs are financed.