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Alcohol Anonymous Numbers Decreasing on Campus

There has been a decrease in the number of students involved in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. In the Delzell Education building, USD student Wesley McDonald, holds recovery meetings for students who want to overcome addiction. For those seeking tailored support, it might be beneficial to explore other options such as alcohol therapy near me to access specialized counseling or treatment services in their local area.

“The meeting is a 12-step based meeting which is the foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. It is a spiritual program to help students recover from disease of addiction,” McDonald said. 

The 12-step recovery process is a common practice among AA and NA programs across the country.

McDonald, a sophomore student at USD majoring in Addiction Counseling and Prevention, said he brings in his personal experiences and focused on the student ran meetings

“I started this last year in September. I am in contact with the school and plan to start one here in Vermillion, but I thought it would have more appeal towards college students if I was on campus, and have a student run environment,” McDonald said. “I, myself, have been in recovery for two and a half years now… And I’ve been going to these meetings since I got sober and been through the 12 step process.”

Last semester, USD’s AA and NA meetings averaged around 14 students, but within the spring semester, the weekly attendance has dropped to less than 5. 

“Last year we had some success and had some students come in regularly. But the students who had come in regularly are no longer students here. And so this year has been pretty dry,” McDonald said.

McDonald also said that he suspects that the attendance rates have been low, since the 12-step process is difficult and students don’t believe they have an addiction. 

“[Some students] can’t admit they’ve lost control of their alcohol and drug use. But I think the biggest part is that they’re still young and most people still want to have fun,” McDonald said. 

Although attendance rates have been low, he still holds onto hope more students will join.

“I am not going to end [my meetings] because if a student comes in and needs help, I don’t want to take away an opportunity to get better for them,” McDonald said.

AA and NA meetings are held every Wednesday at 6P.M. in the Delzell Education building in room 105.