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SGA Approves First Reading of Three Bills and Resolution

SGA opened their meeting at 6:30 p.m. and listened to five student organization reports for their yearly quota. Some organizations included the Sculpture Culture Club, AWOL and Student Academy of Audiology. 

SGA moved on to the new business section of the meeting. They opened with modifying two senate bills, one resolution and two organization budgets. 

Senate Bill 1 was to modify attendance policy. In all, the bill decreased the amount of missed attendance days for senators and added a few exceptions. After a discussion with other senators,  Maddilynn Lehman said the idea of the bill was to lower the total meets senators could miss, so senators couldn’t take advantage of it. The bill was sent to internal review. 

Senate Bill 2 modified certain duties of the Director of Finance. Senator Griffin Petersen made adjustments to the amount of time the Director of Finance could provide and maintain public records by 11:59 p.m. of the month. Petersen amended the bill as a result of some confusion with outdated information in the finance committees deliberations. He also added that he would like to improve the budget process for culture committees and directors. After some discussion, they agreed to send it to the finance internal review. 

SGA moved onto the Senate Resolution Two. This resolution would have SGA support the Greek Leadership Class. Due to the decreasing numbers in greek life on campus, there has not been enough students to assign to the officers per greek house. Senator Max Nickleson suggested that supplementing a leadership class on campus could solve this problem. His goal was for students to be able to learn more about leadership while maintaining a safe environment in the Greek lifes chapter. The bill moved internal affairs. 

Finally SGA read two organization budgets. This is where the finance committee agrees on amounts clubs should get for the upcoming year. The first reading was the small organization budget. After a brief discussion, it was passed onto the finance committee. Lastly, SGA read through the large organization budget. There were no comments and it was sent to the finance committee. 

The finance committee announced they are finished with the budgeting process for the semester, although senator Dawson Johnson said if they organizations have a budgeting emergency then to go through special appropriations or contact himself or Director Trevor Sinclair. 

The next reading to these senate bills and resolution will be next Tuesday on April 18 at 6:30 p.m.