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SGA Hosts USD Director of Student Engagement Avis Brown

On Oct. 3, SGA held their sixth meeting of the year. SGA heard from guest speaker Avis Brown, as well as collectively passed Senate Bill (SB) 91 for further review and revisions.

Brown gave information regarding his position on campus as well as upcoming Dakota Days events. Brown explained to SGA members that he has around 15 years of education related experience as well as a decades worth of work in student retention and currently is the Director of Student engagement working with the goal of enhancing student life.

“My role as director of student engagement is to find ways to connect the different departments on campus with the departments that I oversee, to make sure that we enhance the USD experience for students here on campus and create a better understanding of flow within departments,” Brown said. 

Brown went on to list the departments that he oversees, which includes the Spirit Teams, Student Activities, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Service Learning, sororities and fraternities.

The meeting then went on to cover old affairs, leading to the unanimous waiving of SB 91 for further reviews and revisions. SB 91 refers to SGA audits, in which at SGA’s previous meeting they agreed that the committee will conduct an annual audit of student organization constitutions, evaluate their eligibility for SGA funding and designate members to serve on an audit committee. 

It was at this meeting that SGA members decided that the second to last line of legislation would be disregarded entirely, and that the rest of the legislation would be further amended at the next upcoming meeting.

SGA’s next meeting will be held on Oct. 10 in the Freedom Forum Conference Room in the Al Neuharth Media Center.