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Jackrabbits Coming to Town for Dakota Days

One of the major events that happens at the University of South Dakota is homecoming, better known as Dakota Days. While plenty of students and alumni of the university are aware of this event, most of our rivals at SDSU have not experienced it.

Grant McMillan, a sophomore at SDSU, mainly thinks of the parade that is held before the football game when asked about what he thinks Dakota Days is.

“I hear the parade is really cool,” McMillan said. “I might go down and check out the parade this week.”

Kinzey Jurey is also a sophomore at SDSU majoring in natural resources management. She thinks that Dakota Days involves lots of activities and partying for homecoming. Unlike McMillan, Jurey will not be attending Dakota Days

“No (when asked about attending Dakota Days), I’d rather get ready for Hobo Days,” Jurey said.

Sophomore Zach Buchholz thinks that the kinds of things happening during Dakota Days are students just going to the Charcoal Lounge.
Bucholz said he plans to attend Dakota Days this year due to his girlfriend being a student at the university.

“My girlfriend goes there, so I might as well,” Buchholz said.

Buchholz had other thoughts on USD and Dakota Days, but was hesitant on sharing them.

“I have plenty of thoughts,” Buchholz said. “Nothing appropriate for the newspaper though.”

So whether you are attending Dakota Days as a student from USD or SDSU, we can all agree on one thing. Dakota Days is for everyone.