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SGA Host USD President Sheila Gestring 

On Nov. 7, SGA held their 12th meeting of the year. SGA members heard from USD President Sheila Gestring in regard to the university’s future goals and possible upcoming projects, as well as unanimously passed three senate bills (SB) and two senate resolutions (SR) for further review.

Gestring shared information regarding the possibilities of future projects located on USD’s campus, emphasizing the university’s desire to build a Native American Students Success/Cultural Center, a Center of Innovation for education regarding sustainability and artificial intelligence, as well as making further remodels to improve residence halls. 

Alongside informing SGA members of the possible future projects underway, Gestring explained how the university is exploring ways to further ensure the affordability of obtaining an education at USD both in Vermillion and Sioux Falls through the creation of more scholarships.

“We have really started working towards raising additional funds for students’ education, because we know that by doing so we would be helping hardworking families and good students by providing them with better access by staying affordable,” Gestring said.

The meeting further went on to discuss both senate bills and resolutions leading to the unanimous waiving of SB 94, 95, 96, as well as SR 8 and 9.

SB 94 refers to a budget request of $1750 submitted by The Surgery Interest Group, which was allocated by SGA members for a total of $400 in funds.

SB 95 is a bill codifying the planning and hosting of a yearly senate retreat as a way for SGA members to engage with one another outside of official meetings.

SB 96 is a bill regarding select modifications to the existing role of communications director.

SR 8 refers to a resolution encouraging SGA to create a student response form on the SGA website as a way to speak with and support students on campus directly.

SR 9 is a resolution in support of planting native pollinator plants on USD’s main campus as a way to improve the quality and sustainability of the Vermillion environment.

SGA’s next meeting will be held next week on Nov. 14, in the Freedom Forum Conference Room in the Al Neuharth Media Center at 6:30 p.m.