Former Coyote QB is the Center of a New Documentary
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Former Coyote QB is the Center of a New Documentary

Chris Streveler, former USD quarterback, stars in a new documentary being created by Bernard Productions. 

The documentary follows Streveler’s journey from adolescence all the way through his career in the NFL and to the present day.

The documentary begins following Streveler when he got his first start playing football as a quarterback at Marian Catholic School, a high school in Woodstock, Ill. 

After graduating from MCHS, he went on to play at the University of Minnesota for three years, where he primarily took on the position of wide receiver, only playing as the quarterback as a back up when needed. 

Streveler then went on to play at USD for two seasons as the team’s primary quarterback, where he led the team to the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) Playoffs in 2017. 

Following his college graduation, Streveler began playing in the Canadian Football League (CFL) for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, where he and his team won the Grey Cup,the CFL equivalent to the NFL Super Bowl. After his time spent playing in the CFL he moved on to play in the NFL, where he played as a quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. 

Streveler later moved on to play for the New York Jets as a third string quarterback. Following a set of injuries by the team’s first and second string quarterbacks, Streveler got his chance to shine for one game as the starting quarterback for the Jets. Although the Jets lost that game, the team and fans saw a spark in Streveler, leading them to follow along with his statistics in his upcoming seasons. Unfortunately due to a hand injury, Streveler was waived from the Jets in 2023 and is not currently playing for any team, despite his many workouts and meetings with other NFL teams.

Streveler currently lives in Arizona where he runs a program called “Ground Up,” where he and his business partner Trey Anderson share their knowledge of the game with young quarterbacks across the nation.

Over his career Streveler played in nine games, recorded 27 pass completions, over 40 total pass attempts for 231 yards, one interception and one touchdown. 

Streveler let teams know that he is working at getting back into the NFL at the age of 29 by posting pictures of himself throwing a football on Instagram with the caption “I’m still at it.”

The documentary has a run time of 25 minutes and can be found on YouTube, under the name “The Story of Chris Streveler | A Quarterback’s Documentary.”

Photo Credit: Submitted | USD Athletics