Minnesota Native Back on the Court for the Coyotes
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Minnesota Native Back on the Court for the Coyotes

Of the 12 games played since the new year, the Coyotes’ redshirt sophomore center Natalie Mazurek has had seven double-digit scoring games.

During the span of 12 games, Mazurek brought her season average up to 7.9 points per game and 4.7 rebounds per game. 

With a blossom in scoring comes more playing time including her first two career starts as the Coyotes faced Denver and Omaha.

“It means a lot and it shows that they have confidence in me which grows my confidence, which is why I think I am starting to play better, so honestly, it just means a lot,” Mazurek said.

After missing the 2022-23 season due to injury Mazurek decided to use that as a redshirt year.

“I took last year just mentally and physically just making sure I can be ready when I come back and I think for the last two years I will use what I learn and become the best player that I can be,” Mazurek said.

Mazurek hit career highs in 18 points and 10 rebounds this season but knows that she can do more for the team other than score and rebound.

“I think not only scoring and rebounding but playing well on defensive getting a blocked shot here or there and getting some steals. Just doing what I can to help my team win whether that is starting or off the bench,” Mazurek said.

Coming into the season, Mazurek shot 33.3% from the 3-point range but has boosted that percentage to 39.7% which has been one of the biggest mentality boosters for Mazurek.

“It gives me a lot of confidence to be able to stretch the floor and make it hard for teams we play against defensively,” Mazurek said. “Having the confidence to continue shooting when I am open, means a lot to our team and brings something to our team that other teams don’t have.”

Since she started high school Mazurek knew she wanted to play Division I. Mazurek said playing in the state of Minnesota convinced that she could eventually go up to that level.

“Lots of great talent in Minnesota and it was playing against other players that went (Division I) in Minnesota that continued to show me I could play (Division I) one day,” Mazurek said.

Despite all the career highs this season, Mazurek really just wanted to get back out on the court and play with her teammates this year.

“It has grown my confidence a lot to be able to get back out on the court and play with my teammates. It has been a lot so honestly I am just excited,” Mazurek said.

Photo Credit: Sydney Kolln | The Volante