Leila’s Rose Band Partners with CAB and PAVE for Sexual Assault Awareness
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Leila’s Rose Band Partners with CAB and PAVE for Sexual Assault Awareness

On Tuesday Feb. 20 Leila Rose’s Band Partnered with the Campus Activity Board (CAB) and Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment (PAVE) to put on a concert in order to  raise money and awareness for sexual violence on campus.

Alexa Carlson, the president of PAVE, said that events like these have many beneficial impacts on campus.

“Hosting events that raise awareness of sexual assault is a great way to advocate for better means of prevention, education, victim empowerment and community building here on USD’s campus,” Carlson said.

Carlson emphasized that PAVE as well as CAB work diligently throughout the academic year to help spread awareness towards sexual assault, prevention efforts, bystander education, and more in many different ways.

“Through hosting events that have broader aims of engaging the student body and Vermillion community as a whole, we can work to change social norms and rise above an issue that indiscriminately affects college campuses nationwide. These events provide an opportunity to educate students about the various forms of sexual assault, consent, and healthy relationships. This event also aims to empower individuals to speak out against incidents by creating an environment where survivors feel supported and encouraged to share their stories,” Carlson said.

Carlson believes that preventing sexual assaults is something that the entire community needs to work towards, however there are ways for the individuals to help.

“Preventing sexual assault is a shared responsibility but some tips to help prevent sexual assault are education and awareness. Open dialogue about consent and the very basic foundations of a healthy relationship can also help support a safe environment for students,” Carlson said.

Kadin Williams, a member of Leila Rose’s Band, said that the band put on this event because they’ve had a great time partnering with CAB in the past and strongly believe in the fight against sexual assault, especially within a college community. 

The concert is free to all attendees, however students are free to  make  donations during the concert. All of the proceeds will go towards the upcoming “Walk a Mile in Their Shoes” event that is being hosted by PAVE.

Leila Rose’s Band has three more concerts this semester on March 22, April 13, and April 26. The concerts are in Ames, Vermillion, and Madison respectively. 

More information about CAB and PAVE can be found on USD Involved.Further information about Leila’s Rose Band can be found on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok @leilaroseband.