Election not focusing on real issues, candidates attacking with petty arguments

As the 2016 presidential primaries are coming to a heat, more and more media time is being spent covering their “issues.” Rather than tuning into CNN and hearing about different policy disputes between candidates, however, one will usually hear about something that has no real bearing on the actual election. Both parties have been guilty […]

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Head-to-head: More attention should be given to domestic terrorism

Right-wing, domestic terrorists are a more pertinent, everyday threat to the United States than international Islamic terrorists. Examples of right-wing, domestic terrorists are groups like militias, sovereign citizens or neo-Nazi’s who are anti-government. It’s important to clarify that this doesn’t encompass all right-wing individuals, simply those who draw out right-wing ideologies to their furthest extremes and […]

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Head-to-head: Drug testing welfare recipients a waste of time, unconstitutional, unfair to those in need of welfare

In late January there was a push in Pierre to institute a bill that would require individuals who receive food stamps or cash assistance to pass a drug test before receiving benefits. Such a plan would be a disastrous waste of time and money for several reasons. Legally, it’s unconstitutional. Several court cases have determined […]

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Head-to-head: Early-voting states help candidates boost poll numbers, crucial to electoral process

Presidential primaries have begun, and New Hampshire and Iowa have been receiving a lot of time in the media spotlight. It may be early, but these states are very important and deserve the attention they receive. Iowa and New Hampshire are definitely not 100 percent predictive of who will be the eventual nominee for each […]

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Head-to-head: High-speed railroad system would bring quick transportation, create jobs

Election season is starting to heat up, and a lot of candidates are making a lot of promises. buy ivermectin online https://jersey-hemp.com/wp-content/languages/new/online/ivermectin.html no prescription Because of this, it feels fitting to look back at one of President Obama’s promises that deserves a second look, the development of a high-speed rail system in the United States. […]

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Head-to-head: Paul Ryan cutting off votes proves to be beneficial

On Jan. 13, Paul Ryan sent a message to his fellow congresspeople: tardiness for votes won’t be tolerated. To fully understand the situation, some background information is needed. In the House of Representatives, bills are allocated 15 minutes of time for voting. In Washington right now, there’s a problem where many representatives are tardy for […]

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