Brian Sandoval is the best choice for SCOTUS nominations
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Brian Sandoval is the best choice for SCOTUS nominations

President Barack Obama has been put in a difficult position by Senate Republicans. Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Senate Republicans are promising to block any nominee from Obama by refusing to hold hearings.

Despite the Republican blockade, Obama should still nominate someone for the court.

Brian Sandoval, the Republican Governor of Nevada, would be an excellent choice for Obama. Sandoval is a moderate, which means that he would have better odds than a more left-leaning Justice of actually having hearings held for him.

Sandoval’s moderation is what makes him such a great candidate. When the Affordable Care Act  was passed, he disagreed with it. However, he didn’t try to prevent its implementation like many other governors had. Instead of sheepishly following the rest of his party, he focused on doing his job well.

This is the exact attitude of an ideal Supreme Court Justice — someone who’ll put aside their personal beliefs and do their job.

The Supreme Court’s partisanship is at an all-time high, and a moderate willing to put aside his or her beliefs is perfect for the job. This is exactly who Brian Sandoval is.

The nomination of Sandoval would also help score Obama and the the Democratic Party some political points in 2016. If the Senate Republicans block Sandoval, it will become grossly apparent that hyper-partisanship is behind their actions, and not a genuine interest in the good of the people.

In 2016 there are 13 seats that are considered up for grabs in the Senate by political pundits, 11 of house seats are Republican. 2016 is the year of anti-establishment politics, and Senate Republicans blocking the nomination would only further prove the dysfunction in the status quo.

Blocking Sandoval could cost Republicans their Senate majority, which could prove far more costly than allowing a moderate Republican to become a Supreme Court Justice.

Electing a moderate isn’t easy, especially in today’s hyper-partisan political arena, but that doesn’t mean Brian Sandoval shouldn’t be nominated to the Supreme Court. He shows the necessary skills, he’s a symbol of responsible politics and is the best choice to fill the Supreme Court’s vacancy.