OVERheard: Feb. 15

“Until you sign a contract, you can still pull out.” – North Complex “Hip pop; it’s the music of the elderly.” – Coyote Village “It’s better than sex, Subway and Saturdays combined.” – The Commons “We just need to throw in a Bible and we’re good.” – The Volante Office “Dude, I heard you can […]

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OVERheard: 2/8

“Those who can’t teach, teach gym. Those who can’t teach gym teach gym in Korea.” – Muenster University Center “Is it bad as a fish parent when you lose two “kids” in one day?” -“No. We all need to make sacrifices some times.” – Coyote Village “Is it still public urination if I pee my […]

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OVERheard 2/1

“I’m trying, it’s not coming” -“That’s what she said.” – University Street “Everyone likes a dirty OverHeard.” – Al Neuharth Media Center “I can’t use the wiener one?” – THe Volante Office “You want to look at my baby? She’s kind of ugly now” -“Holy crap, that kid creeps me out.” – THe Volante Office […]

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THE RANT: Dear snow patrol

Dear snow patrol (campus maintenance), I greatly appreciate all that you do for the University of South Dakota. You’re always working hard to keep the university clean and safe for the students, faculty and staff, which is greatly appreciated by many. However, I do have one complaint. It’s winter. The season finally found us, even […]

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