CCM weathers 2020 market crash

Last semester, Coyote Capital Management (CCM) oversaw around 2.3 million dollars in financial assets. When the pandemic hit, the market slowed, reducing CCM’s investments. However, through the reallocation of money since then, CCM’s portfolios are now worth 2.52 million. Zach Motl, CCM President, said right after students returned home, the market turned. He said CCM […]

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Student group manages 2.3 million in financial assets

Coyote Capital Management (CCM) started with $10,000 15 years ago and has now created a multi-million dollar stock management organization. The on-campus student financial group has increased its assets since 2019, to cap off their portfolios at $2.3 million. Established in 2005, CCM continues to educate students about money management.  Sophia Lima, senior accounting and […]

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