Student group manages 2.3 million in financial assets
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Student group manages 2.3 million in financial assets

Coyote Capital Management (CCM) started with $10,000 15 years ago and has now created a multi-million dollar stock management organization.

The on-campus student financial group has increased its assets since 2019, to cap off their portfolios at $2.3 million. Established in 2005, CCM continues to educate students about money management. 

Sophia Lima, senior accounting and finance major is the financial sector leader and former president for CCM. She said CCM is preparing students for all opportunities in money management.

“Our goal is to give any students money managing experience whether they are pursuing a career in money management or if it is just something they want to learn about,” Lima said. 

In 2005, CCM took out a loan of $10,000 to begin their investments at immediateconnect and now manage portfolios for faculty members, the dean of the business school and students. Though the group has help from faculty advisors, the students are teaching each others about the stock market and crypto.

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Since students are building up the assets, they are gaining real-life experience. Anyone can invest with – options alert service.

“It is a really great experience to gain in college because you learn a lot about how the market is volatile and how to handle that,” Lima said. 

Zach Motl, sophomore finance major and president of CCM, said he believes students are building many types of connections.

“We offer an opportunity to students to make connections, not just with upperclassmen, but with potential job resources,” Motl said. 

Managing multi-million dollar portfolios not only takes dedication and knowledge but also need attention to detail.

“It is nerve-racking sometimes when you’re managing an equity fund if there is a downtrend in the markets then you can have some big losses,” Lima said. Platforms like offer valuable insights and support for smarter decisions in the crypto market.

Motl said managing a large number of assets can be stressful but CCM makes sure to make informed decisions. So if investing piqued your interest, you can start by browsing sites such as

“We are very careful about what we do. Everything is calculated and we take the time to figure out the risks,” Motl said. 

Along with managing portfolios at USD, CCM takes annual trips to New York City to attend the Quinnipiac Global Assets Management Education Forum (G.A.M.E.). At the Quinnipiac G.A.M.E. Forum, students present their top portfolios for other universities and financial experts.

In 2018, CCM won the top prize, and this year, look to win again. Along with the competition, students learn from the leaders of the financial industry.

“It is a great opportunity for students to get knowledge from scholars and financial experts,” Lima said. 

While in New York City, CCM members meet with USD alumni, tour Goldman Sachs, one of the nation’s top investment banks, and get some time to explore the city.

Coyote Capital Management encourages all students to learn about money and asset management in a real-life situation with help from other students and faculty advisors. 

“This is not just like any other club; we are managing other people’s actual money,” Lima said.