Women’s basketball secures top seed in Summit League Tournament with 76-47 win over North Dakota

The No. 20/12 South Dakota Coyotes (27-2, 16-0 conf.) clinched the regular-season Summit League Championship after defeating North Dakota 76-47. The starting five included all four seniors who were celebrating senior day and junior Chloe Lamb. The seniors Megan Bonar, Madison McKeever, Ciara Duffy and Taylor Fredrick have all played for the Coyotes for four […]

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Thrift stores are increasingly growing in Vermillion.

Being at once affordable and personalized, thrifting has grown to be appealing to many demographics here in Vermillion, as the stores’ owners and salespeople said. The owner of The Treasure Trove opened her thrift store in downtown Vermillion in the fall of 2016. With a career of over 22 years as a saleswoman online, Leslie […]

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New coach, new position, new hair and becoming a team leader

Triston Simpson’s senior campaign started out rocky. Being forced to miss the majority of the nonconference season due to a knee injury created trouble for the Coyotes. But since his first game back in late December, Simpson has been a leader on the court.  The four year player for the Coyotes has accumulated 91 points […]

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Foreign players in Coyotes’ basketball: different backgrounds, one team.

The men’s basketball team welcomed three newly-recruited international players this season. Joining Australian sophomore forward Matt Johns and Serbian redshirt freshman Simeon Jovic are freshmen Hunter Goodrick from Australia, Kruz Perrot-Hunt from New Zealand and Tasos Kamateros from Greece. Brad Davidson, USD’s talent identification manager and the assistant coach for the Coyotes said the recruitment […]

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Don’t pressure people to share their trauma

Reflecting on Black History Month, it’s important to look at the education aspect of the events and why we should all be celebrating. While education is important, we also need to be cognizant of how we’re educating and who we’re asking to educate. Many times, people from minority groups share their experiences to help others […]

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Editorial: Stop abusing study drugs

There are many ways to ensure you get good grades in school — attendance, completing homework, studying for tests and putting effort and work. For some students, taking “study drugs” is a way to secure the “A” they’re looking for, even though it’s a federal offense and unethical.  In 2014 research found 1 in 5 […]

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SGA discusses general activity fund allocation, holds executive session

The Student Government Association reviewed the General Activities Fund summary at Tuesday’s meeting. The body also heard a statement from junior Marcus Destin regarding the Strollers controversy and held an executive session to discuss Strollers’ conduct. Jessica Priester, Assistant Vice President of financial affairs and Kimberly Grieve, dean of students, presented the GAF summary to […]

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USD students balance time with their children

For USD students with children, the challenge is striking the right balance between spending time in class and with their kids. The Vucurevich Children’s Center on campus offers childcare services to 19 USD students with children, as well as USD faculty and staff and the Vermillion community. Melissa Kay is a second year law student […]

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Pharmaceuticals and felonies: study drugs at USD

The term “study drugs” may evoke images of Adderall and all-night study sessions, but for one time users and repeat users alike, there may be consequences for using these substances to cram for the next big test. “Study drug” is an unofficial term referring to any substance used to increase energy and focus while studying. […]

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