SGA discusses general activity fund allocation, holds executive session
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SGA discusses general activity fund allocation, holds executive session

The Student Government Association reviewed the General Activities Fund summary at Tuesday’s meeting. The body also heard a statement from junior Marcus Destin regarding the Strollers controversy and held an executive session to discuss Strollers’ conduct.

Jessica Priester, Assistant Vice President of financial affairs and Kimberly Grieve, dean of students, presented the GAF summary to SGA. The presentation was a routine process in order to gather feedback from student government to deliver to university president Sheila Gestring before her final approval of the GAF.

“The GAF committee goes through and they have hearings for all the GAF proposals and requests and then they review the revenue for the next fiscal year. The committee votes on the allocations for all the departments across campus,” SGA president Carson Zubke said. “This is part of our regular process.”

Last Friday, Zubke and SGA vice president Hannah Booth traveled to Pierre to testify to the Senate committee on appropriations on behalf of Dakota’s Promise bill. The bill would create a need-based scholarship for low-income residents of South Dakota.

“Students of the highest financial need face a ,300 gap on average between the cost of their attendance and the available aid they have for college.
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Dakota’s Promise (would) close that gap.” Zubke said. “Socioeconomic status should not be a determinant or deterrent of opportunity.”

The bill passed unanimously in the committee and later passed in the Senate on Tuesday with a 32-2 vote.

Destin, a junior communication studies major and president of the Union of African Americain Students, delivered a statement to SGA concerning the events of last weekend’s Strollers show. Destin said he hopes the candidates running for SGA office will consider the events of Monday’s forum in their campaigns.

“Last night is not the time to sweep things under the rug,” Destin said. “We’re just getting started, and I’m looking to SGA, to the people running for president and vice president (to make sure the election) is not a popularity contest, but people who genuinely want to come to the table to make a change across campus.”

SGA held an executive session to discuss Strollers after the initial meeting. The session was closed to the media. President Zubke declined to comment on the specifics of the meeting.