Vermillion Drain Paintings Homage to River

In Vermillion, many of the storm drains are painted with characters such as the Lorax, baby ducks and many other things.  These storm drain paintings come from a group in Vermillion called Greening Vermillion where their main goal is to raise awareness of where the water from the drains goes.  Greening board member and the […]

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Greening Vermillion makes tentative plans for Earth Days

In celebration of Earth Day 2021, Greening Vermillion–an organization dedicated to making Vermillion the greenest town in South Dakota–has begun tentatively planning for Vermillion Earth Days, a week of events which promote sustainability. Mark Sweeney, a USD professor and board member of Greening Vermillion, said the 2020 Vermillion Earth Days were intended to kick off […]

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Environmental Law Society promotes sustainability

Law students at USD can get involved in sustainability projects through the Environmental Law Society (ELS), which seeks to raise awareness of environmental issues while also pointing them to environmental law as a potential career track. Berkley Fierro, ELS president, has been involved with the group for three years. Fierro said the group seeks to […]

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