USD Esports competes for $15,000

This semester, the USD Esports club is once again participating in a Twitter competition for a chance at $15,000. The competition, sponsored by Learfield, the sports marketing company who manages Coyote Sports Properties, centers around the promotion of esports athletes on Twitter. For this contest, USD Esports is following Jackson Crist as he progresses through […]

4 mins read

Sports writers: Storytelling isn’t canceled

No one suspected much of anything on the morning of March 11. There were growing concerns over the COVID-19 virus becoming more prevalent, but very few people suspected what would transpire over the next 48 hours. What started as a “no fans allowed at sporting events” proposal, turned into a “no sporting events, period” rule […]

3 mins read

Stop being ‘Not like other girls’

There’s a popular idea on the internet to act like women are ‘not like other girls’ which involves women shaming other women for their interests. This may make misogynistic women feel more powerful when they put down others but in reality all it does hurt other women. We see a lot of this hate online […]

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