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In the Know & in the Dark: 2/15

IN THE KNOW: The victory over South Dakota State University. It can’t get much better than beating the Jacks.

IN THE DARK: The return of the snow. It’s like in a horror movie – every time we think you’re dead and gone, you jump back up and rear your ugly head.

IN THE KNOW: The turnout of students at the SDSU game. Way to cheer on your team during the revival of the rivalry.

IN THE DARK: Loud, obnoxious people in the dorms. It seems common courtesy isn’t that common anymore.

IN THE KNOW: The upcoming three-day weekend. A much needed weekend of putting off everything you have to do for the week until Monday night. Then it’s only a few weeks until Spring Break.

IN THE DARK: The beginning of the time in the semester where professors start loading up on the projects, papers and exams. It’s like there’s a conspiracy to try to prevent us from partying, playing video games and all around being lazy and

procrastinating. Curses.