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THE RANT: To whom it may concern,


To whom it may concern:

Whose brilliant idea was it to close the Beede Bump on Saturdays?

The Beede Bump, for those who don’t know, is closed on Friday evening at 2 p.m. and then opens up again Sunday evening at 5 p.m. Sunday! I’m not sure what people are thinking. “Oh, there’s no one in the dorms on the weekend.” “Oh, people won’t be too lazy to walk to the MUC.” “Oh, no, there aren’t athletes in the dorms who like the easy access to the Bump before and after practice.”

False. Especially on the weekends when it is freaking cold outside. Who wants to walk to the Muenster University Center when the temperature is pushing negative digits and there is an option to get food at the dorms? I mean, I understand why the Commons are closed. That is a lot of work to go through to make food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But the Bump? It’s easy to pop a plate of frozen food into a microwave and call that dinner. And we’re college students, that’s what we do.

I understand the possible reasons that the Bump is closed. However, I’m sure there are people who would be willing to work during their Saturdays. It is college; after all, people need to pay their way through it. They wouldn’t even have to keep it open for all the hours that the Bump is open other days of the week; but to have it open for a couple of hours on a Saturday would make it much, much easier for all North Complex students. And really, if there’s a worry about needing a “chaser” for Saturday night parties, closing the Bump isn’t going to do much. There are vending machines right outside the doors and superstores nearby.

Open the Beede Bump on Saturdays. It will be used and our stomachs will thank you.

Your continuously hungry freshman,

Corey Wannamaker, freshman