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In the Know & in the Dark: 2/8

IN THE KNOW: Vermillion avoiding the massive snow storm that hit around the area. No one likes snow, at least not that much.

IN THE DARK: The Super Bowl commercials. You know when no one is really talking about any the day after the game, it must have been a weak showing.

IN THE KNOW: The Super Bowl. Whether your team won, loss or wasn’t even at the big show, it was a hard-played and intense game right up until the very end.

IN THE DARK: Then end of the NFL season. Now how are we going to get our fill of Sunday-night violence?

IN THE KNOW: The Avian Sunrise and June Embers concert put on by SERVE. A good show for a good cause.

IN THE DARK: The lack of letters to the editor. Come one people, let your voices be heard.

IN THE KNOW: The game against SDSU this week. Time for the Coyotes to avenge the previous loss this season.