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The Rant: Dear fellow Coyotes

Dear fellow Coyotes,

Tell me – when you apply to a university, there’s a reason, right? Be it sports, academics, location; there’s a reason you chose that college to apply to. Something about that school made you love it.

So riddle me this, Coyote fans: Who decided it would be a good idea to wear Iowa State University clothing around on campus?

But it’s not just ISU that I’ve seen. It’s the Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin – every school that you can think of I’ve seen. I don’t care if that’s the team you grew up loving, or if that’s the school your parents went to. It doesn’t matter if that’s the school that you have winning it all on March Madness. It should not be seen on campus, anywhere. Not the Muenster University Center, not the Commons and definitely not the DakotaDome. You aren’t a Badger, a Gopher or a Cyclone; if you want to be, well, sorry to inform you, but you chose the wrong school to attend.

Wear your USD clothes! Red, white, black, pink, green; there is no lack in color choices. Just don’t wear blue and yellow! Or, if you don’t want to wear Coyote gear, wear normal clothes.

Or even wear a professional sports team jersey. You can find me walking around in my Steelers jersey every once in a while, when they aren’t sucking so badly. But you will never catch me in any other college clothes – it’s disrespectful to the school, the athletes who represent USD and the students who love this school with everything they have.

If you’re a die-hard Huskers fan, great for you. Just save the over-the-top Huskers gear for when the game is on TV. Don’t waltz around campus in whatever college gear you want. You came to USD, wear the clothes that should make you look proud to be a Coyote.

Your school-spirited fan,

Corey Wannamaker, freshman